Optimise your Conversion Rates

Let us Audit your web-assets to stream-line user journeys and increase conversion

Reduce inefficiencies

Identify redundancies in your user flow and remove them for good

Find Bottlenecks

Significantly reduce Usability Problems and Find-ability issues of your users

Increase Conversion

Improve your user engagement and help them achieve their objectives

Every $ invested in Design has at least a 9 fold return

Design Audit gets you a detailed report with analysis and recommendations which will significantly increase user engagement

Usability Testing

A look through behaviours of users on your website and how difficult is it for them to find what they are looking for.

Heat Map Analysis

Are you showing critical information in parts of pages that a user doesn't access? Let's change that!

Form Analysis

Getting users to fill information is difficult. Intelligent design reduces cognitive load. This analysis helps you do that.

Check out Analysis

Over 20% drop off happens on the purchase/check-out page. We tell you how to reduce that.

Funnel Analysis

Look through the traffic and conversion across different parts of your conversion funnel. Perform RCA for drop-offs.

Information Heirarchy

Every user persona responds to different kind of information hierarchy. This will check if yours align.

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Stop losing Business because of Bad Design

Gridle can help you Signifanctly reduce Usability Problems, Find-ability issues, Inefficiencies and Bottlenecks which translates to more leads/purchases and business success