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Our end-to-end process ensures that your Product is not just Complete but THOROUGH.

Scope, Build, Ship, Measure. REPEAT.

From Documentation to Delivery and from Ideation to Iteration. Total & Complete.


Building your Spec Sheet so the goal is always clear


Building the first phase such that it holds it's own


Validating assumptions once the product goes to market

Step 1: Building the Spec Sheet

Ideas that Guide this Step

Be thorough

We get down to journeys, fields and validation level offering recommendations.

Be Repetitive

If need be, ask the same question twice. More often than not, the answer changes.

Take Time

All the wheels that were re-invented was because there was no time for research.

In Scope, the Goal lies

  • We figure out the way to communicate a clear understanding of the problem
  • We look to Involve the right stakeholders.
  • We plan to maximise both your work and the Project Time-lines.

Research is the Key

  • Learn about the User's real needs.
  • Interviewing potential users provides many insights which benefit while the solution is being built.
  • Uncover opportunities to improve potential user's life with the Product.

Synthesis distills findings

  • We organise our findings and identify common needs along with insights from research.
  • If need be, we reframe the problem statement to create a common understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.
  • We empathise with your target user and stay focused by summarising common use characteristics, needs, pain-points etc into a single persona.

Step 2: Design Led Development

Ideas that Guide this Step


Working in shorter cycles to be able to release, measure and adapt according to responses


Making sure that all the nodes on the value chain are delivering value at maximal efficiency.


Making sure that potential users weigh in on the Prototypes and incorporate their feedback

Building a Prototype

  • We flesh out your ideas quickly in a hand-sketched prototype to create first version of the concept as quickly as possible.
  • The layout, interface and content demonstrate actions and behaviours of key stakeholders.
  • Wireframes visually represent the user interface design and foster a shared understanding of the same.

High-Fidelity Designs

  • We work with you to identify brand and color guidelines.
  • These guidelines are implemented across the prototype and a click-through experience is built to get early validation.
  • Once iteration is done on the high-fidelity designs, all the stakeholder know how the final software is going to look.

Implementation Begins

  • We on-board you on the technology stack that the product will require.
  • Covers Front-end to Back-end development, mobile apps etc. plus helpful documentation is created while maintainable code is written.
  • We bring your actual software solution/Product to life.

Step 3: Test, Deploy & Iterate

Ideas that Guide this Step


Making sure that the Product Adhere's to the Industry's Security Standards


Achieve Perfection through Iteration by obsessively observing engagement metrics


Clearly define and constantly measure key metrics and separate them from vanity ones

Security Audit and Deployment

  • Secure Development area which prevents unauthorised access.
  • Implement Web Application Security, Database Security and Network Security.
  • Choose Infrastructure and offer access management both to you and to us through continuous upgradation.

Go Live!

What gets measured, gets done!

  • We help you separate Vanity Metrics from Actual Metrics.
  • Once we have the list of metrics to be measured, we integrate with relevant tools and platforms to reliably access analytics.
  • We set benchmarks that we've internally created through our understanding of multiple verticals that we've worked in.

Maintain & Iterate

  • We make sure that the product is robust, scalable and performant.
  • By constantly monitoring engagement analytics, we recommend you changes in design or new features that we could build to enhance the product.
  • Repeat!

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