Build your own Software as a Service

Target global customers by building a simple solution on pay-as-you-go

Easy Set up

Let your customers sign up right away and check out your Product

Flexible Pricing

Allow your customers to pick and choose their level of the software

Recurring Revenue

Charge a small monthly subscription fee that's easy on your customer's pockets

SaaS is the future!

As more and more businesses move to cloud against traditional options, following are the features that make it worthwhile

Quick Implementation

Your customers sign up and set up your product right away without any waiting time. Reduces turn-around times drastically.

No IT dependency

Your customers do not have to depend on their technology vendor or in-house team for maintainability. It just works.

Low entry Cost

No upfront payment for set up fees since it happens directly on the cloud with sum total of zero effort from your side

Highly Secure

Top end Infrastructure and Web application level security with Bank grade end-to-end encryption


Integrate your application with various relevant products to maximise value delivery to your customers


Virtually limitless scale horizontally and vertically given multi-tenant architecture on the cloud

Trusted by over 500 Clients Globally

Here's why our Customer's come-back!

We've been there, done that!

Get us to build out your SaaS Product. We come with multitude of experience around Phase definitions, Metrics, On-boarding, Positioning and Customer Servicing.